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P Dog Hunting w/ Scope Cam 20 vartarg

Hunting game is what I am wanting to do by using a .308. What would be a decent scope to use?

I am looking for scope information as I want the best usable amount of light coming in as well as great accuracy. I need only credible responses.

Standard hunting scope is a 3x9 x 40mm with 1 inch tube and you don't need anything fancy like mil-dot and Bullet Drop Compensation, they just get in the way. Get a Nikon or Leupold with a duplex reticle or fine reticle.
Get the shop you buy the scope from mount the scope with Leupold bases and rings. They should do that as a free service if you buy the scope and bases there. Again, a solid name brand scope, nothing fancy, you will never use the fancy stuff.

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